Top Climate Change Getaways Part 1!

Is Climate Change getting you down? Does the end of the world make you sad? Does the carbon tax debate make your ears bleed? Well let me turn that frown upside down by introducing to you The Other Side of Science’s Top Travel Tips for 2011. With Climate Change looming and the end of the world almost certain (2012 people!), why not take this once in a life time opportunity to see all those places you always dreamed of!

Number 1: Antarctica

Penguins, Seals, ice, what more do you want? Now is the ideal time to visit Antarctica. With temperatures rising, this fortress of solitude could melt away in no time, meaning less bang for your buck. So explore this ice desert now and SAVE SAVE SAVE!


Hello penguins!....for now. Image Courtesy of HamishM

Hello penguins!….for now. Image Courtesy of HamishM

Number 2: Great Barrier Reef

With those coal factories pumping more and more CO2 into the air, our oceans are lapping it up like water to a sponge. CO2 plus water equals acid! So best explore those coral reefs before they’re more bleached than a peroxide barbie doll. If you like your ocean fauna colourful, take a dive at the GBR


Number 3: Pacific Islands

We all love a bit of island action, so why not visit Tuvalu, before it slips into the ocean! As Antarctica and the rest of those icy havens melt away, our sea levels will rise too, sinking our dear low lying Pacific islands. Locals are already fleeing, oceans have risen 1metre or so, so don’t miss your chance to live out your island dreams. Or, if you’re looking for your own Atlantis adventure, just wait a few years 😉


Number 4: The Amazon

Climate change promises less tropical rainforests and more desert goodness. Great if you’re into sand but bad if you love a bit of foliage. See this pristine ecosystem with its diverse plants and animals. Maybe discover a new species or find a plant that cures cancer! Enjoy this biodiverse Eden before species plummet faster than…than they currently are…


Help the AMAZON. Or as I call it, the Slamazon. Cause its slamming. Image courtesy of CIFOR

Help the AMAZON. Or as I call it, the Slamazon. Cause its slamming. Image courtesy of CIFOR

Number 5: Europe

Enjoy a bit of sailing through the mediterranean during the Italian summer? Well better get your boat shoes on because this continent is set for a big chill! With Greenland melting and that cold cold ice plunging into the ocean nearby, the geographically coincidental thermohaline circuit is screeching to a halt. This circuit provides warm air to drift over Europe, giving us those warm summer breezes. So get your fill of icecreams quick before the neverending winter!


Not enough? There’s more with Part 2 of our Top Climate Change Getaways!

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