Yoda returns! Star Wars darling spotted in nature

Science Fiction geeks assemble! Yoda, the greatest Jedi that ever lived, has returned. And not like, ghost returned. He’s back man. He’s back. It was a quite some time ago, in a galaxy that was a substantial distance away from Earth that Yoda was once part of the Jedi Council. He who overthrew the Sith and aided in the destruction of that death-like star in the epic war of stars (Star Wars if you will). Now he has returned and taken form in the shape…of a bat! BEHOLD!


Do you see the similarity?

YODA BAT! Do you see the similarity?

Yes folks, this is the Yoda Bat. A freshly discovered new species from Papua New Guinea! While there are thousands upon thousands of species that have are waiting for humans to dissect them, most of them are probably insects that nobody ever cares about. A very small minority are mammals which makes this new discovery so exciting.

It was discovered by Conservation International, which assembles teams of super top notch scientists to go on surveys looking for the elusive. Sort of like when douchebags assemble other douchebags to look for the Lochness Monster or the Yeti. This time though, it’s like, legit.

Dont search for the Lochness Monster. It doesn't exist. Image courtesy of Katsuo

Dont search for the Lochness Monster. It doesn’t exist. Image courtesy of Katsuo

Conservation International runs a program called Rapid Assessment Program (RAP for short to show you that they’re down with the times). Recently, they released their Top 20 awesome animals from the past 20 years of the program. You can see the full list here, which includes the ET salamander, a crazy blue scorpion, something called the Goliath Bird Eating Spider and some actually amazing looking ants with hooks on their backs.

So why do this kind of thing? Science needs money. Species that are dying need money. So it follows that if people see cute pictures of animals that are dying, they’ll throw money at it. The cuter the animal, generally the more money it’ll get. So you can imagine that a threatened mosquito probably won’t get as many dollars as say, a baby panda.

Just how much is Yoda Bat worth? Leave a comment to let us know how much you would donate if you were approached on the street with a person holding a picture of a Yoda Bat (alternatively, you could like donate to Conservation International if you were so inclined).


Over to you:

  • What’s your first impression of the yoda bat?
  • Is the force strong with you?
  • How can we help animals that are ugly?

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One thought on “Yoda returns! Star Wars darling spotted in nature

  1. Noby Leong
    July 5, 2013 at 1:11 am

    One of our facebook readers suggested this video to help us with ugly animals: http://vimeo.com/69122809

    The video is about climate change and using music to convey the message of warming. Perhaps a similarly creative idea can help the ugly animals

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