Top Climate Change Getaways Part 2

Last week, I came to you with 5 of my Top Climate Change Getaways for that perfect holiday. This week, I round out the top 10.


Number 6: Any Food Capital

Food availability is likely to plummet in the wake of serious Climate Change. With changing seasons, uneven rainfall, depletion of soil nutrients and an angry bee population, pollination and crop productivity is likely to drop. Get a foie grois fix at your favourite French capital, tuck into some dumplings at your local Chinese super city or just savour that sliced bread that you have in the morning, because the greatest invention in human history is likely to be scarce. Oh and don’t forget the wine! Never forget the wine!


I dont know what this food is, but it looks delicious. Image courtesy of Jared Zimmerman

I dont know what this food is, but it looks delicious. Image courtesy of Jared Zimmerman

Number 7: Africa

Do you like water and enjoy people showing you around? Well this is the place to be! With water sources and food production dropping like its hot, this third world may just have no one left. And unless you like your accommodation uber rustic, enjoy the emptiness of a desert without a guide or just savour a dehydrated tongue. Come now to see the dawn of civilisation!


Number 8: Bangladesh

This low lying neighbour is set to become the next big Atlantis. But unlike our pacific island friends, this bad boy will displace over 150million people! Woah! So where are they all going to go? Maybe Oz! CLIMATE CHANGE REFUGEES FTW! You’ll be kicking yourself when they get here and tell you just how amazing the place was before being eaten by Poseidon’s wrath so get in quick so you can share the stories.


Number 9: A Night with Frosty the Snowman

Do you long for the comfort of Frosty the Snowman and spend your summer days filled with longing and anticipation for those cold, chilly nights where the snow falls heavy and frost fills the air? Or for that matter, have you ever seen snow and want to know what all the fuss is about? Well get in quick before it all melts and your beloved Frosty empties into a pedestrian puddle. Enjoy last minute skiing, snowboarding, snow angelling, yellow snow cone eating, taboganning and all of your other favourites before the warm winters set in, turning your winter wonderland into a malaria infested sesspool.


Number 10: Anywhere really!

There are so many places to see and really, so little time, so take a mental note of this list and start planning your next vacation! If you want more ideas, check out the Top 10 Places Already Affected by Climate Change or 100 Places To Go Before They Disappear. It’s an exciting time to be alive my friends, so take this unique opportunity while it still lasts!




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