Gadgets from the Future! (ie Japan)

Japan is like the country of the future. A place full of robots and…other futurisitic type things. The point is, Japan has always been on the top of the technology game and today, I thought we would explore some of the more bizarre or interesting creations they have come up with. Most of us would already be familiar with the Necomimi (those cat ears that you stick on your head that respond to your emotions), but check out these other gadgets that are sure to be the biggest thing since Tamagotchi.

The robot you’ve always wanted now comes in Beer Can form. Yes, the All Spark has finally worked on this humble Kirin Beer can, transforming it into an unsuspecting little critter. Controlled by a Wii remote, the Kirin Beer can expands to three little legs which can walk and roll around! The apparent use of the CanBot is currently unknown though initial guesses put it as useless…

Spherical Flight Vehicle
The Japanese Defense Force has unleashed its flying ball of terror! This flying orb actually looks like it’s from a sci-fi movie. It’s a remote controlled floating sphere that can travel up to 60km/hr for a 8 minutes! Yeah! The Spherical Flight Vehicle is currently under development but according to the video, it may be used for stalking purposes. The video is in Japanese but you’ll get the gist of it.

UTAN (User Technology Assisted Navigation)
Finally, the difficulty and physical stresses of watching TV has finally been removed with this new contraption: TV that watches you! UTAN is a camera mounted on top of your television that uses recognition software to determine the number of people watching, their age and their levels of interest while watching a show. Depending on these factors, UTAN will change the channel for you to something a bit more desireable.

These gadgets and technologies come straight from our friends at Tokyotek. A fantastic website that you should check out if you are interested in the latest Japanese technology.

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