Geocosmos has landed- Earth from Astronaut’s eyes

Well it’s another Friday and we’re winding down with a little bit of light science. Today we look to the Earth. Well the Earth from space. If you’ve ever wondered what the Earth looks like from really far away, Virgin Galactic will take you there and back again…unfortunately, the ticket costs $200,000 so unless you can afford to wipe your ass with dollar bills, you’re out of luck.

I like gravity, so even if I had the money, I probably wouldn’t want to go to space. Luckily for me though (and everyone else that doesn’t want to go to space or doesn’t have enough cash), we can have an astronaut’s view of the Earth thanks to Japan’s GeoCosmos. The Geocosmos is a gigantic globe with 10,362 OLED (organic light emitting diodes) screens, blasting images of the Earth as if you did have wads and wads of cash.

The picture above is just one of the images that the gigantic globe displays. It’s a mecca of scientific information, displaying changes to the Earth over time. And not just your usual geological and weather patterns, but also temperature patterns, tsunami paths and even what the Earth would look like if it was the moon. It’s a bit hard to describe so I’ll let the following videos explain it to you:

The Geo-Cosmos is out now at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo. Yes Tokyo is still far away (unless of course you live in Japan), but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than going to space.

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