Why chicks dig rockstars- a guide to love for the adequate male

If television has taught me anything, its that musicians are creative and scientists are nerds. That rock stars ooze sexual intensity and have sweeping good looks, while I look like a twelve year old man-child that can barely grow a beard.

Before there was One Direction, there were The Beatles and they got the swoons. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Before there was One Direction, there were The Beatles and they got the swoons. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Point being that musicians get the ladiez while I get a cold shower. Am I alone in this venture? Perhaps not. You, the adequate male, are at a gig. You spot an equally attractive young female and attempt to approach her. But BAM, the musics starts and before you know it, guitar rifts fill the air and the attractive young female is swooning like a dung beetle to horse shit.

Unfortunately for you, the attractive young female could not help herself. It’s not that she didn’t find you appealing or that she was a stuck up bitch or anything (or maybe she is, I dont know). And it’s not that you, the adequate male, are not adequate. Rather its because she, being female, is just drawn to musicians. Hear me out!

Blame our ancestors

Like many things in life, we are driven by impulses and instincts from millenia ago. For our ancient female ancestors, the most appealing and sexy hunk of a cave-man was not only smart and strong, but also creative. If you were creative, you’d be better at making tools to hunt down animals, you could build fires and you could keep your family safe from evil predators. It’s sort of the equivalent of the modern male being creative by realising that he can take his family out to a nice dinner and not spend a fortune by using a coupon. It’s win-win!

So, it follows that musicians are creative (…for the most part, we’re not including Justin Bieber in this discussion). And thus, the attractive young female is totally into him because she knows that he’s got a coupon to take her and their eventual family out to dinner. And if you needed any further compelling evidence as to why she’s into him even though you’re clearly perfectly adequate, it’s that females have been swooned like this for ages!

It’s thought that cave men used to show their creativity through music as well. A procession of hunky cave men would parade their best musical stylings as a way to express their creativity, all vying for the attention of the onlooking attractive young females. What this sounded like is anybody’s guess, but I think it’s safe to say that it had more musical integrity than Rebecca Black’s Friday. Oh I’m sorry Fri-ee-day.

Of course, like all things, music and creativity isn’t the only thing at play but it’s

So in summary, chicks dig rockstars and musicians because apparently, they’re more creative than everybody else. But of course, like all things, creativity isn’t the only thing in the romance game but it is a factor. So adequate males out there, the best love advice I can give you is to pick up an instrument and start serenading any chick you dig. Because theoretically, it should help you score points (although more than likely you will look like that douchebag that gets their guitar out at parties).





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