Chilli- Tastes Great, Lose Weight

Here’s a bit of quick science for you

When you think about it, it doesn’t make sense that so many people like to eat chilli. It’s hot and therefore, can be a bit painful/irritating when eaten. In fact, the heat in chilli is a defense mechanism for plants to stop mammals from eating it.

You’d think that our ancient ancestors would have stayed well clear of this heat filled culinary demon. But they didn’t and now almost everyone loves a bit of hot stuff in their lives.


Well eating chilli is a little bit going on a rollercoaster. It’s risky business eating something designed to ward you off, but because the body knows it can’t harm you, you can just enjoy the ride. It’s called ‘constrained risk’. So when you eat chilli, it’s like a party for your body.

Another fun chilli fact: if you’re wanting to lose weight, add some chilli in your diet. It increases your metabolism and might satiate your hunger. Therefore, it makes you eat less, while burning more calories. If this ain’t tiger blood, I don’t know what is.

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