Adelaide Fringe Festival- The Free Beer Show!

From the beerarific brains behind The Other Side of Science comes an exploration into everyone’s favourite beverage – beer!

The Free Beer Show unveils the secrets of beer that you never knew existed. Host Noby Leong takes you on an ethanol-fuelled journey behind this somewhat misunderstood brew.

Discover its mysterious ancient Egyptian roots; uncork the superiority of wine drinkers with our guide to pretentious beer drinking; and, for those over indulgent few, find out what you can really do about that hangover.

Oh and did we mention the free beer? Challenge your taste buds with our 8,000 year old ancient beer-tasting.

Part science, part fun, part drunken afterthought, The Free Beer Show is good for what ale’s you!


For tickets and times, head to Adelaide Fringe Festival


guide to pretentious beer drinking

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